Monday, May 30, 2011

Dream High OST + full album download

Part 1-17.1MB

01 드림하이 - Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Suzy & JOO
 02 Someday - IU

Part 2-6.73MB

 01 Maybe - Sunye (Wonder Girls)

Part 3-6.97MB

어떤이의 꿈 (San E Feat. 소향 Of POS)

Part 4-7.83MB

01 겨울아이-Suzy (Miss A)-8.39MB

Part 5-8.48MB

01 못 잊은 거죠 (If)-Park Jin Young-8.98MB

Part 6-16.86MB

01 사랑하면 안될까 - Jinwoon (2AM) & Changmin (2AM)
02 가지마 - Junsu (2PM) & Lim Jeong Hee

credits: KPOP7


Anonymous said...

kak, kok nggak file nya nggak ada..
kata mediafire nya invalid or delete..

johanna said...

links fixed :)

Anonymous said...

there's something wrong with the downloading site .. it says invalid or deleted file ..

xxDJBdd said...

Fixed the link pls. .

Lyra said...

deleted files >_<

CuddlyPanda said...

Johanna! Pls Reupload the files :< I really want to have the songs ; I beg you.. Pls.. add my Facebook acount.. to update me if the following album is upload already.. thank you :3

Anonymous said...

Hi, the link is not available!! thanks for uploading again!

Flordeliz Fullo said...

waaah, the link is not available... so sad :'(

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