Saturday, September 3, 2011

C.N Blue - 392 + full album download


01 The Way part2~Ready N Go~
02 The Way part1~one time~
03 Man in front of the Mirror
04 Try Again,Smile Again
05 Lie
06 The Way part3~eclipse~
07 Illusion
08 Don’t say good bye
09 I don’t know why
10 Coward
11 kimio

credits: KPOP7


Oceaneve said...

Thanks so much. Just decided to listen to a few of their songs after watching Yonghwa sing in Heartstrings. :1 I'm going to discover how good they are. ^^

Eonni said...

thank you very much ^ ^ After watching jung yong hwa on heartstrings and you're beautiful i got interested to their songs ^ ^ Thanks for upaloding this :P God Bles :3

Anonymous said...

is this english version ?

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