Sunday, February 8, 2009


SS501 (pronounced as Double-S 501) is one of the korean boyband debuted in 2005. recently i've been listening to their song, i think some of their song is good and nice..make me wanna dance! one of the members is one of the main actor for kdrama boys before flowers. i don't know much about them except that ss is stand for superstar..but here are the links to download some of their songs..enjoy!

deja vu-ss501.mp3
U R man-ss501.mp3


FCF said...

I love SS501 so much out of all the Kpop bands that I've been listening to/obsessed with lately (Super Junior is my current obsession).

You should also try "Fighter," "Unlock," "Warning," and "A Song Calling For You" by SS501.
For their solo careers:
"Break Down" by Kim Hyun Joong,
"Let It Go" and "I'm Broken" by Heo Young Saeng, and
"Not Alone" by Park Jung Min. I have yet to really like Kim Hyung Jun's songs (but I love him!).

FCF said...

And if you haven't, "Yesterday" by Kim Kyu Jong <3 (He also sang "Wuss Up," which is super catchy).

johanna said...

hi there,actually this post was in 2009..well like the time i started my kpop obsession,of now I know more about them..most of their songs are in my playlist,btw me too liking super junior first! :) TQ for visiting

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