Saturday, December 27, 2008

[REVIEW] Baby and me- korean movie

this movie tells about a young high school kid Joon-soo suddenly appeared to be a father of the cute baby when he found the baby sits in a shopping basket wearing the name tag "Han Wooram" and points to Joon-soo as his father! it is a good movie and that guy just damn cute like the baby...OMG!!! i really like the ending of this movie and i recommend that you guys should watch it..

watch this Movie at MySoju!!!!


Azn_l0ve said...

^__^ Ohh Do You Know The Guy's Name?
I've Been Lookin For a Movie Of Him
Can't Remember the Name
Btw I Love Ur Blog <33
Me Looovee PINK TOO XD

violet_ingrid said...

he`s jang geun suk....ain`t he cute? =p...i loves him....=)

ga eul said...

i can't find the soundtrack for this movie.. plez help me..

johanna said...

i'm sorry..i do not have the link for the ost..try searching at you tube,maybe u can find 1 or 2 songs used in this movie

Anonymous said...

Need the soundtrack also. Anybody can share?

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